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2012-04-25 21:05:46

Strahov monastery

Strahov monastery Beautiful and severe, old and amazing Strahov monastery even in nowadays justifies a reputation of the cultural and spiritual center of Prague. Originally Strahov monastery was made from a wood, that’s why its history was full of fire, reconstructions and pillages. All these events have influenced on the modern view of this sight. So, Strahov monastery is the bystander of many the most important historical actions in Prague and Czech republic. In 1627 remains of St. Norbert (the founder of Premonstratensians) was replaced to Strahov monastery from Magdeburg. One of the most interesting building on monastery lands is St. Rochus’ Church, which was built by the emperor Rudolf II like a gratitude for the end of the plague epidemic. Another attractive objects in Strahov monastery are Museum of national literature, Strahov art gallery, Museum of miniatures, beautiful Strahov garden. Everybody, who likes a beer, should visit local beer restaurants, which sell special beer “St. Norbert”. As for an accommodation, every visitor could use services of the hotel “Questenberk”. One of the most famous object is the richest monastery library and the book storage with 130 000 originals. Curiosity’s cabinet gives a good opportunity to see some unique and impressive items of natural collections. Finally, the local art gallery shows a large exhibition of old and modern paintings.
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