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St. Thomas’ Church.The St

St. Thomas’ Church.The St Thomas’ street goes from Wallenstein Palace to famous St. Thomas’ Church. The gothic cognominal church built in the XIV century was demolished by Hussites. However, a new construction was begun on this place in the XVIII century. Finally, St. Thomas’ Church in the Baroque style in the modern view appeared here after some years after the beginning. A church’s interior was made in the Baroque style and was supplemented by dome lamp’s wall paintings, which demonstrate scenes of St. Augustine and St. Thomas lives. All of these pictures were made by Rainer. Church chancel’s arts in St. Thomas’ Church are copies of Rubens’ works “St. Augustine” and “ the murder of St. Thomas”. Originals of these pictures are kept in the collection of the National Gallery. The nearest old monastery is famous thanks to the own brewery, which is one of the oldest in Prague.
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