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St. Nicholas Church.St

St. Nicholas Church.St Nicholas Church is a monumental and well-known among tourists object in Prague. In our days St. Nicholas Church is the main spiritual center for Hussites and one of the most impressive sites in the Czech republic’s capital. The modern building is situated on the historical place, where an old church was built in 1273. St. Nicholas Church was rebuilt numerous times and, finally, had got its today’s view in the XVIII century. Last reconstruction was made with the help of Kilian Dientzenhofer’s projects. Statues near the main portal were made by Antonin Brown and wall paintings were created by the Bavarian Peter Azam. A gild interior of the church is perfectly supplemented by an organ and colored stained-glass art works with St. Vaclav and St. Nicholas images. The musician instrument is also decorated by statues. The main pearl of St. Nicholas Church is a huge crystal chandelier, which was presented by Russian tsar Nicolay II in times, when St. Nicholas Church was rented by Russian Orthodox Church. This chandelier was made on a famous glass manufacture in Russia and designed like an emperor crown. At the Orthodox Christmas and the Easter faithful people organize festive processions near St. Nicholas Church. Another interesting fact about this place says that the church’s bell tower was a place for a town bringer in the past. In the socialistic times (till “Velvet Revolution” in 1989) the tower was used by the Government security police for a supervision. The most valuable decorations of St. Nicholas Church are wall paintings made by Jan Lukas Kraker, arts made by Carl Shkreta and sculptures made by Ignaz Platzer. It’s interesting that Mozart played on church’s organs and even in our times some concerts are organized in these places.
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