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2012-04-25 20:49:12

Saint Vitus

Saint Vitus CathedralGothic church Saint Vitus. Cathedral is widely thought like one of the most important Prague sights and a true architectonic masterpiece. This place bears a name of the Sicilian martyr Vitus, who was brutally murdered by Romans. The construction was begun in far 926 by the prince Vaclav. A small church was extended in the XIV century by the Flemish architect Mathieu. The modern version of the church appeared only in the end of the XIX century. Today Saint Vitus' Cathedral is a glorious and magnificent building. Its length is 124 meters and its towers height is 100 meters. An indoor decoration of the church is very attractive and interesting for tourists. St. Vaclav Chapel, which is situated in the cathedral near the main chancel, was decorated by jewels. The statue of St. Vaclav is very impressive too. Strong emotions are given by the silver sculpture of St. Jan on the headstone in the Rococo style. The Triphorium statue is not less amazing. The lower part of the gallery gladdens by acolyte’s and royal family’s members busts. In the higher part of the gallery a visitor could see Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and other statues. A Beauty and a richness of golden gates would amaze everybody, who comes to this place. It was decorated by colored stones mosaics on gild glass surfaces. Also Saint Vitus' Cathedral is a storage of coronation attributes: the gold diadem, which was decorated by pearls and gems, the scepter and the orb. These items are true masterpieces of all times. However, it is not all, what is stored in Saint Vitus' Cathedral. The church treasure hides a lot of unique exhibits of the world art and the history.
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