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2012-04-25 12:43:08


RudolfinumRudolfinum – an amazing gallery in the Renaissance style, - was named in a honor of the Austria-Hungary prince and became a symbol of the Czech revival. The south part of complex is used for concerts, the north part is a territory of art exhibitions. There was the first concert of the Czech philharmonic. A first hall of Rudolfinum got a name of Dvorak and his third symphony was played on the center’s opening. In due season Rudolfinum was a hall for plenary meetings of the Czechoslovakia parliament. As for local legend, Hitler ordered to cast out the statue of Mendelssohn from the Rudolfinum gallery because of his nationality. But soldiers almost discarded the statue of Wagner by a mistake. Wagner, as known, was one the best compositors from the Hitler’s point of view. With the help of this confusion a personal of the gallery was able to hide the Mendelssohn’s statue. They saved a full collection for future generations. In 90th of the XX century reconstruction of Rudolfinum realized an original idea of this place. Now it’s the main concert hall of the Czech philharmonic orchestra.

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