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2012-04-25 12:44:52

Prague Jewry

Prague Jewry A dramatic and quite deep history of Prague Jewry cannot stay without changes in the architectonic of this charismatic and original museum complex, which consists of 6 synagogues, the famous Jewish churchyard and the town hall. Every building in this district is unique and gives an opportunity to feel a breath of centuries. The history of all synagogues is full of dramatic events. More then 12 000 tomb monuments, which have accrued during many centuries, were made from different materials and in different styles. This variety boggles an imagination of every tourist on the Jewish kirk garth. Many legendary persons were buried here. Among them we could say about rabby Loew, who created a mythological clay personage – Golem. Prague Jewry now is an unique part of the old and so diverse European city.

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