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2012-04-25 20:19:28

Prague Castle

Prague Castle Hradcany is one of the oldest Prague districts. In spite of a limited size, it is full of architectonical significant sites. This district was built in a times of John the Blind and in a first period was a vassal town of Prague lands. The founder of Hradcany is lord Hynek Berka z Dube. In the Middle Ages a palace valetry (servants, grooms, falconers and others) lived in this place. According this fact, Hradcany couldn’t impress contemporaries with the help of beautiful buildings, monuments or churches. There were only little houses and some quantity of aristocrat’s bigger yards. Members of the Royal Household and attendants of St.Vitus Church composed a main part of this place’s richer people. Hussites wars damaged the district, but its reconstruction was quite fast, especially in Jagellonsky’s times. The first town hall was built in the high part of the Hradcany’s square in this period. The great fire in 1541 demolished all poor houses and it increased an attention to these lands from the Prague aristocracy. It was a quite comfortable place near the walls, that’s why the construction of palaces and rich houses began as soon as it was possible. As a result, the small settlement turned into the town. Hradcany hasn’t changed its character from that times. Some buildings are museums, but generally this district now is a prestigious and rich site for locals and visitors like many centuries ago.
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