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2012-04-25 20:16:49

Powder Tower

Powder Tower Powder Tower is one the most noticeable and famous Prague sights. It looks like an impressive 65-metres gothic tower with an arch, which became gates of magic Old Town. The project of Powder Tower was made in the second half of the XV century. Its author was the outstanding Czech architect of the “Vladyslav’s gothic” or “late gothic” period - Matej Rejsek, who realized an idea of the King Vladislav Jagellonsky. The tower was built like the substitute of older defense gates, which were made in the XIII century. An example for builders of Powder Tower was Old Town bridge tower, which had been built almost century before. A rich decoration of Powder Tower should stress a glory and a design of the nearest king residency. However, the construction was not completed because of an uprising risk. In this times the monarch left the town and, after that, changed a capital. Almost 400 years Powder Tower hadn’t been finished. Many years an army was using this building like a powder storage. This fact gave the final name to this object. The construction was finished only in 1886, when the face of the building was decorated by a rich sculpture composition. The interesting exhibition of Prague towers photographs works here in our days. Furthermore, on the top of the tower there is the viewing point for tourists. Everybody could see an impressive city’s panorama if he/she would be able to raise with the help of high spiral stairs.
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