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Old Town Square

Old Town Square
Old Town Square is one of the oldest and the most famous places in Prague. This huge square (15 000 m2), known from the XII century, is situated in the city’s historical center, which called Old Town. Beautiful houses in different architectonic styles (from Renaissance and Gothic to Baroque and Rococo) face to this square. In the past the square changed many names (“Big Square”, “Old market”, “Old town ground” and so on), but it has known as “Old Town Square” from 1895. During many centuries there were happy (solemn king coronation processions) and tragic (the executions of last Hussite’s hetman Jan Rogach in the XV century and, 2 centuries later, the murder of members of the uprising against the Habsburgs dynasty) events. In a memory of rebels 27 roods were placed on the square. Except for the town hall with famous chimes, Tyn Church and the half-day mark – from this place sometime the Marian’s column, which glorified the liberation from the Swedes, casted shadow on the square. The National hero monument of Jan Gus is also placed there. Old Town Square is a pedestrial area now.

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