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2012-01-15 01:07:08

Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock

Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock Impressive crowds of tourists come to Old Town Hall. This building and the city’s symbol – Astronomical Clock, - attract many visitors to Prague Old Town. They admire the view of these sights and listen a striking of the clock. Its tower is one of the most knowable sights of Prague in our times. Additionally, it has a reach history. The tower had outstayed many centuries, but was almost demolished in WWII. From the architectonic point of view the tower consists of some united buildings made in different styles. The original yearly-gothic corner building was added by the prismatic powerful tower and later – by the gothic chapel. Chimes, which called Prague Orloj, are not only amazing, old and complicated, but also show a time, a date, sunset and sunrise times, moon periods and a zodiacal order. Every hour Astronomical Clock demonstrates symbolical scenes with action figures made in an expert manner. As a legend, the engineer of this mechanism was dazzled and he was not able to repeat so impressive masterpiece. Without any possibility to work, he jumped into a mechanism and broke it this way. The man died, but almost century was needed for the chimes’ repairing.
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