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2012-04-25 19:42:28

Old Town bridge tower

Old Town bridge tower An entrance on the amazing and famous Charles Bridge is decorated by a tower with an arch. This tower, which was built in the Middle Ages, is known across the Europe and not only on this continent. On the face of the bridge tower every tourist could see emblems of Czech lands in Charles IV times. Also there are figure bass-reliefs made in an expert manner and the statue of St. Vitus, which is famous like a patron of the bridge, the Emperor Charles IV and his heir Wenceslaus IV. The tower is a quite massive construction for defense. However, it was richly decorated by sculptures and state portraits of Charles IV and Wenceslaus IV. Also, there is the interesting overview place for tourists, which gives an unique opportunity to see impressive Prague panoramas. In the well-known 10-years period (1621-1631) Old Town bridge tower was a place for uncanny “human statues” – rebellious noblemen’s heads and parts of bodies. Kingfishers are depicted above bridge’s gates, and atop we could see statues of famous patrons of Czech lands – St. Sigismund and St. Voytech.
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