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2012-04-25 21:07:52

Old king palace (Prague castle)

Old king palace (Prague castle) Old king palace (Prague castle) Unique and rich old king palace (Prague castle) could impress any tourist, who has included this point to his/her excursion schedule. This massive construction was built in the XII century and till the XVI century had played a role of the luxurious residence for Czech kings. After that Habsburgs found a new palace and the old glorious palace was allocated for the government administration. An Interior’s beauty and a style cannot leave anybody unfazed. It would be interesting even for the most versed specialists in arts and cultures. The Vladyslav’s hall, made in 1500 according to the King Vladislav Jagellonsky’s order, are one of the biggest part of the palace. Many centuries ago there were amazing bowls and knights tournaments. Later this hall was used for banquets, solemn government events, different entertainments. Modern museum of Hradcany is now situated near the castle, in the chancellery premises. It is full of unique items, which are related with different periods of Czech history. Nearest Chapel of All Saints, found in the XVI century, saves hallows of St.Procopius. In our times Old king palace is an interesting museum with an uncountable quantity of old jewels, highly-valued books, unique manuscripts and other items.
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