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2012-04-25 21:27:26


Loreta In our days Loreta is the most popular pilgrims site in Prague. However, it’s not only an important spiritual center of the city. Loreta is also an amazing monument of the Baroque style in the modern Prague architectonic. This masterpiece was built in the forefront of people’s conversion to the Catholicism after the 30-years war. Its face was decorated by sculptures and bass-reliefs, which uses religious ideas and scenes. There are a lot of original and interesting for tourists objects like “holy hut” (according to the modest accommodation of Virgin Mary), Virgin Mary’s church and other attractive sites, which could be impressive not only for pilgrims, but for all visitors. Strong emotions could be given by the Loreta’s treasury. The famous ostensorium “Prague sun”, which is decorated by more than 6000 gems, the ancient gothic cup, highly-valuable icons with gold rizas and sapphires are kept in this place. Every hour 27 bells play the hymn “We praise you one thousand times” on the Loreta’s tower. This place is full of legends and myths, it attracts pilgrims from the whole Europe. Another interesting fact says about a healing character of the Virgin Mary Loreta’s icon.
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