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2012-04-25 21:30:04

Little Side

Little Side Little Side (name, which is frequently referred to as "Lesser Side", "Lesser Quarter", "Lesser Town") is a magic old district of Prague on the left side. The historical center of this site was Little Side Square (or Market square) with large St. Nicholas church. From the beginning Little Side was settled by the Germans and this facts has influenced on the past and nowadays of this place. Little Side is rightly seen as a true pearl of world architectonic monuments in the Baroque style. Also there are a lot of rich houses of aristocrats. Every part of Little Side is famous in its own way. It’s no any chances to stay calm on the charming Mostecka street with the row of bass-relief decorated houses with original narrow front sides. A very impressive style is demonstrated by the palace, where is now situated the Serbian embassy. It’s impossible to ignore Wallenstein Palace and the nearest beautiful garden. Millions of Catholics comes to Prague because of the amazing relic – the famous statue of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague. It is kept in the Church of Our Lady Victorious. Unbelievable buildings and impressive streets of Little Side save an atmosphere of true old Prague.
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