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2012-04-25 21:12:20

King garden

King garden Kings garden is one of the most beautiful places in Prague. It was set up in the XVI century by the king Ferdinand I and later was developed by his hairs and governors. During a long history of Kings garden many generations of Czechs have extended and updated parks, forcing beds and greenhouses. These sites and other elements of the garden’s infrastructure gave all abilities for a good rest and an entertainment for members of the royal family and aristocrats. There were Summer palace, Big and Small halls for games with ball, Bear (Lyon) yard, Labyrinth. Rudolf II extended the garden, added a pheasants farm and a pond for valuable fish breeds and rare birds. The west side of the garden was decorated by a spacious riding hall, which is used now for exhibitions. The garden and Summer palace were developed by Italian architects and yardmen. A lot of beautiful trees, bushes, exotic southern fruits (figs, citruses), roses, grapes were cultivated here. This traditions have been extant till nowadays. On the sunny side of the King gardens near Summer palace there are greenhouses and the figs garden. King garden is famous also according a fact that local gardeners began to cultivate tulips earlier then their Holland colleagues. It was first tulips flower garden in the whole Europe. First tulip bulbuses Rudolf II got from the Turkish sultan like a present.
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