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2012-04-25 20:52:49

Golden lane

Golden lane Old and absolutely magic Golden lane takes a merited place in a list of the most impressive Prague sights and city’s symbols. Tiny 2-floors houses were built in arches of town walls. Some centuries ago this place was founded as a result of a spontaneous development and its name could be explained by the historical fact: the most of this lane’s citizens were jewelers and minters. Legends also say about many alchemists who lived here. There are a lot of myths and mysterious stories about Golden lane’s lodgers. Some of them are quite famous even in our times. In this context we could say about Franz Kafka, the popular sibyl Madam de Tebes, who wrote about the Third Reich’s defeat long time before. Now Golden lane is a friendly and charming place for tourists. There they could spend time with a pleasure, buy souvenirs, visit exhibitions and galleries.
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