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2012-04-25 12:40:16


ClementinumClementinum is a historic complex of old buildings in Prague, which is separated on yards like Old Town. Originally its walls defended only limited quantity of houses, gardens, churches and a Dominican’s monastery. In 1556 Prague Society of Jesus bought the complex and complemented it by nearest buildings and new objects – a school, a typography, a theatre. Society of Jesus started to control Charles University in Prague and set their own monastery – the biggest building in Clementium. Famous Astronomical tower, which works in our time like an observatory and a weather research center, and Mirror Chapel had been built till the XVII century. The Prague student’s monument was appeared in the XVIII century. This statue glorifies all pupils and students who took a part in the Czech defense in times of the Sweden intervention. In 1924 the historical complex Clementium was added by National libraries – Czech republic National Library and Tech Library. From the beginning this impressive district was made by master-builders in the Baroque style, however its development concurred with the Classicism age. So, we could find here examples of the architectonic of different ages, styles and centuries.

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