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2012-04-25 12:57:01

Charles Bridge

Charles BridgeThe oldest, the most famous and legendary bridge in Prague – The Charles Bridge, named by monarch, who had begun the construction. This object is a true pearl of the city and a necessary point for every tourist. During its impressive history the bridge was a part of the king road, a place of justice, a space for horse races and great fairs. Without any bounces, Charles Bridge has changed a fate of millions from ancient times to nowadays. The strength of this construction is something impossible even for modern bridges. It takes a pressure, which can demolish many other bridges. Furthermore, this romantic and full of legends bridge across the violent Vltava river has stood more than 600 years without any constructive problems. From this place every tourist could see the most impressive views of the Czech republic’s capital. Every time in any season it’s a good idea to include Charles Bridge into an excursions’ schedule. There are a lot of souvenir benches, street painters and musicians, rich decorations of the bridge: more than 30 perfect statues which has own histories, legends and superstitious beliefs. So, locals say that the Jan Nepomucky's statue may realize wishes. Another story says that the bridge gives a forever love to every pair, which had a kiss there.
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