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2012-04-25 21:21:43


Belvedere Prague Belvedere is a beautiful palace in the Renaissance style, which has a rich and romantic history. From the beginning it was built like a present from Ferdinand I to his lovely wife queen Anna. Belvedere was a summer accommodation for the king’s family and this fact gave it another even more official name – Royal Summer Palace. Prague Belvedere was built and decorated by the Italian architect Paolo della Stella, who made not only building, but also magic relief surfaces under the arches. This painting uses ideas of Ancient Greek’s myths. Unfortunately, the construction was stopped because of a fire and continued under the direction of another specialist - Bonifac Wohlmut. One of the bass-reliefs shows a love of the royal family. On the picture we could see Ferdinand I, who is presenting a flower to his wife queen Anna. The decoration of Belvedere was fulfilled by gods statues, a king’s portrait, wall paintings made by Ruben. The front side of the palace is separated from the yard with the help of the light arcade with elegant columns. The roof of this arcade is covered by a blue-green cope and looks like an inverted ship. Additionally this element was decorated by king symbols. Near the palace we could see the famous bronze vocal fountain.
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